- 210 years of history, 210 years of incredible moments. -

It was no easy task to pick only 12.
Deep dive into our history through 12 videos illustrating the shaping moments of the brand.

Impossible is not PEUGEOT.

What does 1969, 1988, 2002, 2014, 2017, and 2020 all have in common? Each one is a golden year when PEUGEOT claimed the most prestigious award in car manufacturing: ‘The Car of the Year’. Won 6 times, the most for any car manufacturer.

Meet the car you couldn’t not fall in love with.

More than just a handy hatchback or an unforgettable first car. The 205 is a French legend and a style icon. From Roland Garros to school runs, it’s won rally championships and the public’s heart since 1885, selling over 5 million units in 15 years.

Meet the invention that went through the roof.

In 1932 George PAULIN dreamt of open-air driving without the inconvenience of a leaking roof. His idea was to make a retractable hard-top roof. Falling in love with the idea, PEUGEOT have been applying PAULIN’s retractable roof to their convertible cars for over 60 years.

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