Our range of PEUGEOT utility vehicles has been specially designed for professionals and businesses. They meet all your needs in terms of transporting goods and bulky objects. We have different models of modern and adaptable mini-vans, panel vans and commercial trucks to offer you.

They have been designed for your comfort, safety and productivity. They are fitted with the latest technology to help you on all your daily journeys or one-off trips, no matter the distance.

Ces derniers sont pensés pour votre confort, votre sécurité et votre productivité. Ils sont équipés des dernières technologies pour vous accompagner dans tous vos trajets professionnels quotidiens ou ponctuels, peu importe la distance.



Choose and discover our models: from city cars and SUVs to the top-of-the-range saloon or estate, choose the model of vehicle most suited to your professional needs.

Electric, petrol or hybrid ? Choose the engine of your future vehicle as well as the finish and equipment of your choice in order to customise your PEUGEOT vehicle as effectively as possible.



Get on board with zero-emission driving with a PEUGEOT electric vehicle for business. From utility vehicles and city cars for companies to modular leisure activity vehicles, find the vehicle that best meets your professional needs in our range of electric vehicles.
Combining innovative design and cutting-edge technologies, PEUGEOT 100% electric cars also have remarkable environmental performance.



With PEUGEOT plug-in hybrid cars for professionals, discover a new way of driving. Versatile and sturdy, hybrid cars are perfect for long trips and adapt to meet your professional needs.
Switch to 100% electric in an instant and travel up to 59 km. Top-of-the-range saloon, top-of-the-range estate or SUV, our range of plug-in hybrid cars for professionals meets all your needs, combining innovative design, environmental performance and cutting-edge technologies.



A partner of Groupe PSA for almost 40 years, Automobiles Dangel has been offering Trek 4×2 and 4×4 conversions to improve the traction of your vehicle on difficult terrains.

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