The new PEUGEOT Expert utility van offers a number of benefits - thanks to its new platform that will make your working life easier and meet your every need.

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People Carrier

People Carrier

Robust and functional, the new PEUGEOT Expert Combi offers up to 9 seats. It is easy to park as its height is limited to 1.94 m.
Remarkably easy access to the third row seats. A single control folds the second row seat back and provides a wide passage to the rear bench seat.
This vehicle is equipped with 2700 swing doors to facilitate loading luggage in the cargo space. In addition, passengers remain at full comfort with strong rear air conditioning.
PEUGEOT Expert Combi comes in several configurations and all rear seats are removable. These include:
• Front double passenger bench
• Individual seats in the first row and split bench in the second row
• Split bench in the second row and monobloc in the third row
As regards safety, in addition to its new equipment, with its new base and reinforced structure, the PEUGEOT Expert Combi was awarded five stars in the Euro NCAP tests.



Designed to suit your needs

To meet the expectations of each profession, the new Expert is available in Van & Combi versions. The robust and functional Combi version can accommodate up to 9 passengers on board.

With its new strong design, the PEUGEOT Expert exudes robustness and elegance. The new vertical radiator grille positioned very high up adds to its allure, and makes it recognizable at first sight. Signs of strength and expressiveness, the fluid lines of the PEUGEOT Expert suggest a wide and functional interior space.




Practicality at its core

The Peugeot Expert makes driving very simple. Its height is particularly suited to urban traffic. You can also rely on its strength: the PEUGEOT Expert offers up to 1400 kg of payload, 5.1 m3 of useful volume and 3.32 m of useful length, as do the Standard and Long versions.

The new Peugeot Expert offers class leading efficiency with its robust HDI engines coupled with a choice of a 6-speed manual or a smooth 6-speed transmission. Comfortable in long distance driving is not compromised with the Peugeot Expert as it offers cruise control with a limited speed.

The height of the PEUGEOT Expert is also suited to parking constraints: it can easily access restricted access car parks as its height is limited to 1.94 m.




The all-new PEUGEOT Expert has a new platform which, combined with a new body structure, offers several advantages:
Its reduced weight and its Euro 4 BlueHDI engines mean it can offer the lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the segment.
The new PEUGEOT Expert was awarded 5 stars in the Euro NCAP tests for the Expert Combi.
The driving pleasure, suspension comfort when empty or loaded, the exemplary road handling, dynamism and maneuverability are all features that increase your on-board pleasure.


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