Designed to offer space and comfort for the driver and their passengers, the new PEUGEOT Traveller Business is the ticket to a first-class journey.



For the comfort of all, PEUGEOT Traveller Business VIP has also considered its lighting mood: the two separately concealable glass roof panels provide the passenger compartment with unique brightness and a panoramic view of the sky. In the passenger compartment, the LED mood lighting is supplemented by individual reading lights.
For even more on-board well-being, the PEUGEOT Traveller Business VIP has independent rear air conditioning with individual air vents and soft diffusion, unique in its category. Finally, four 12 V sockets distributed in the passenger compartment, as well as a 220 V socket and a USB port are provided in the PEUGEOT Traveller for charging any mobile device.




With hands-free sliding doors*, you can easily open and close the PEUGEOT Traveller’s Business doors. This brand new feature unlocks and opens the sliding side doors with a simple foot movement under the shuttle’s rear bumper. You just need to have your electronic key on you.

*As standard or optional, depending on the model




With the PEUGEOT Traveller Business, you can offer your passengers a positive experience: short-distance airport shuttle, urban taxi, winter sports taxi with a large amount of luggage space, long-distance travel, etc. The PEUGEOT Traveller Business can be adapted to all your needs.  You can configure the seats and top-of-the-range equipment according to how you use it, so that you can provide exceptional journeys.

Choose from the many configurations going from 5 to 9 seats. The seats can be removed, easily creating a modular and adaptable space.

The second and third rows can be made up of a single bench seat or a 2/3 – 1/3 split bench seat (optional) and the ease of access to the third row is remarkable. A single control tips the seat and provides a wide access to the rear bench seat.



Thanks to the control box (optional) installed in the PEUGEOT Traveller Business shuttle, you can have access to key information for managing your vehicle fleet.
The Fleet Management pack provides information on consumption, service schedules, mechanical alerts and mileage return.
The Eco-Driving pack includes the Fleet Management pack as well as an analysis on driving styles, with a comparison between the drivers and targeted advice.
The GPS pack enables you to display the vehicles in your fleet on a map in real time.



Combining a large amount of safety equipment, along with a new reinforced platform and structure, the PEUGEOT Traveller Business obtained 5 stars in the Euro NCAP tests.

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